I got out of bed for this?

I must have agreed to meet this new guy for breakfast on holiday Monday, but honestly I don't remember doing that. So when he asked me whether we were still meeting I stupidly said yes. I wasn't that interested from the conversations we had before meeting, but I didn't want to write him off completely.

I should listen to my gut more often, it would save me from wasting my time.

I got in at 3am that morning from a very fun night (more to come on that, but I just want to forget this one sooner) so I was sooo tired getting up in time to have breakfast with this guy. I also had a hickey on my neck that was impossible to hide without a turtleneck – and really who wears a turtleneck in the summer? I made it to the diner on time, and as soon as he walked up I knew it just wasn't going to work. I was not at all attracted to him, but again I thought that it's always good to meet new people anyway and how is one supposed to politely extricate themselves from a date before it starts?

Seriously I wish I had just cancelled. We sit down and it felt like an interview for a wife. When he wasn't asking me questions about what I'm looking for in a man he was talking about himself. Now there's nothing wrong with talking about yourself, but….he didn't stop. And everything he said sounded rehearsed, as though he was trying too hard to impress me.

I nearly rolled my eyes when he started name-dropping players from the NHL that he personally knows. When we finally got on a topic of conversation that was somewhat interesting (to me, anyway, I'm sure he finds himself fascinating) I couldn't actually get a word in anyway.

I nicely dropped him off at home after breakfast and almost as soon as I drove away my phone started going off with texts from him. It hasn't stopped.

To quote Chief Keef: “that's the shit I don't like!

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