I Can See Why You’re Single

More winning.

1. Oh god, the “hi and may I” guy is back

But this time he dropped the “may I” so I give him some props for that.

2. Not only is this a complete grammar fail….

…but he repeated it twice, and in less than 12 hours no less.

3. Random alert

At least it’s good he got right to the point?

4. WTF

I can’t say a man has ever wanted to make me his bubbly queen before.

5. Actually, you’re wrong….

…I am immensely scared of your recklessness towards correct spelling.

3 thoughts on “I Can See Why You’re Single

  1. This is great…you’ve inspired me to collect my best of the worst as well…like the guy who pings me every other day with the exact same message – for a month now – even though I have never, ever, responded.

    • You should collect them! I have an actual conversation from Bubble Queen guy to share, it’s too good to keep to myself.

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