Mr. Manchild and WTF was I thinking?

I think one of the things I appreciate most about A, and that surprised me the most, was how he hasn’t judged me based on past decisions. For example, the whole sleeping with him the first night decision. It wasn’t my intention, but it happened (with many, clearly I’m easy), and although he could have implied that I’m slutty like this asshole did, the first date sex never seemed to alter his opinion of me as somebody who he may want to introduce to his mother someday.

One of the poor decisions that A now knows about happened this summer. When it first happened I only told one person the details. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to share it, even anonymously, let alone tell someone who I have an investment in about it because it’s definitely one of the more embarrassing moments and one that I’m not particularly proud of. Regardless, I let A read the below email to my friend, which was written at 2:40am after getting home from that night:

This is just between you and me. I slept with a 24-year-old man child tonight. I didn’t intend to, but he kept pressing himself against me and then the next thing I know I’m suggesting we go back to his place.

His place? Basically above a shed in somebody’s backyard. I can’t even believe it qualifies as an apartment. He didn’t have toilet paper. I was like “uh, you don’t have toilet paper and I need to pee” and he handed me some napkin from a restaurant chain or something. To clean up after sex he used his shirt.

Oh, and my ass hurts. Do you want to know why? Men who are not large enough cannot do the woman-laying-flat-on-her-stomach-stick-it-in-from-behind position. He tried. He penetrated my ass and OW it hurts now.

I think you will laugh at the above. I think I will too, one day.

In the meantime, no more younger guys for me. I’ve learned my lesson.

OH and as I was leaving he asked if he could come with me. I was like is this guy serious? I have a man showing up at my place in 10 hours, no he can’t come with me. Though I have to say he kept saying in disbelief “oh my god you’re so hot” and that was kinda awesome.

The above is a true story. It started in the bar as Manchild and I were playing pool and he kissed me. Then he kissed me again. Then we left and stopped at a strip club for all of 5 minutes because he kissed me again. Then my brain shut down and my genitals took over. Obviously I was attracted to him but I probably should have left once I got to his place and realized it was a shed in somebody’s backyard behind a garage that they turned into an apartment by adding a toilet, shower, sink, and kitchen appliances (honestly I can’t believe what some people in this city get away with calling apartments and renting out as habitable living spaces).

Anyway, back to the point, which is that after reading the above, A’s only response was to laugh and say “try not to do that again.” He scored major points for this reaction.

9 thoughts on “Mr. Manchild and WTF was I thinking?

    • Thanks, I can laugh about this night now, at the time though I was pretty mortified the next morning!

      A deserves credit for being so chill with everything – no judgement!

      • You’re both bloody awesome. Seems like you’ve both got a winner there.

        So… what’s going on? Is he staying a little longer?

      • He is leaving November 25, I will be driving him to the airport and will probably cry a lot because that's just what I do. But I am going down to visit him in January/February and he'll be back in Canada next Spring (or at least that's the plan!)

      • I understand but the crying part can be great sometimes. I’m going to be doing that in Sunday at the airport and probably all the way there. I started already ha. The great news is that you can visit and I like that you and him are making figure travel plans. That’s just great news.

      • Hmmm yes I guess it is good that we are making travel plans, I never actually considered that, so thanks for pointing it out 🙂

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