Men, I feel bad for you (and your penises)

I guess you really can’t win when it comes to penis size:

Dr Christopher Morriss-Roberts claims that size does matter and that the bigger a man’s penis is the better, so far as athletes are concerned.

However, he caveats this claim with the explanation that men who are very well-endowed are sometimes the subject of suspicion as to how effectively they can use their generous organ.

From: Sorry boys, size DOES matter in the locker room: Well-endowed athletes are idolised and seen as more masculine

Also, my new favourite term is “cock-supremacy” – awesome.




Spicey McSpice is driving me crazy

Mr. Spice has been calling often lately, sometimes multiple times a day. Sometimes it is to discuss something work related, but more often than not it’s to “see how I’m doing” or to ask my advice about something (like getting his printer working).

I’m fine offering my advice, but it’s getting to be a bit much. He has a girlfriend, who apparently tattooed his name on her body, and I don’t get why he doesn’t just ask her to help him with things.

I find too that if I stay on the phone too long with him he’ll start mentioning things like:

– How his new girlfriend is going to buy him a truck

– How he thinks he’ll settle down with her, even though he’s still running around after other women (but he’ll change after he gets married, really)

– Asking why it didn’t work out between us even though I’ve told him numerous times (you can’t dictate who my friends are, among other things)

– How much our boss sucks and is cheap and prays too much

Sometimes I think he’s telling me things to make me jealous, or to regret leaving him, but honestly I don’t even listen anymore once he starts to talk about anything related to that. It’s annoying and I want it to stop, especially with A coming back (I don’t think he would appreciate Mr. Spice calling all the time and I respect that). I need to put some distance and I have stopped answering his calls all the time (especially when he calls during work, I hate that), but it’s also backfired on me when it’s something work related.

I did get a small victory though, as he’s stopped asking me for sex every time I see him. The thought now makes me uncomfortable, and I really didn’t appreciate how that disrespected A, and I suppose myself as well (but mostly A).


And to be honest I don’t think I really like him as a person anymore. Now having the opportunity to see the other side of him (as a “friend” of sorts, I guess), I’m not happy with what I see. He uses people constantly – it’s never about what he can do for someone, but what they can do for him (see above re: his girlfriend buying him a truck). He constantly complains about the state of his life and it’s always somebody else’s fault (as though he had no decision-making power in the 15 years he’s been in this country, he obviously could have done nothing to make his life better). I’m pretty sure he’s unable to be faithful (why brag about your girlfriend and then admit to seeing other women?), and I know now that when we were together he was out womanizing (now I understand why he was always accusing me of sleeping with other people – because he was and assumed I was too!)

I would love to be able to dump him again as a friend, but the truth is I need to keep him close for this job thing – it’s better the devil you know, as they say, and there are times when I need him to do me favours regarding managing the building. I can’t ask for favours if I cut him out. I guess until I quit this 2nd job I’ll have to live with having him in my life. I just wish I could manage to keep it to a strictly work-related relationship and still keep things civil!


I’ll stick with my lady bits, thanks…

The average man has about 11 erections each day and several more at night.

Source: SexHealthMatters – Male Erection Frequency

I’ll take bleeding for a few days every month over having something hard sticking out of my pants randomly.

I really thought that daily erections were something only teenage boys experienced, but when I asked 2 men in my life, their answers were “I have a lot” and “I’m at 27 a day.”

I learn something new every day!


I’m a sucker for the bad boy

My grandfather: “So I hear you’re dating a black guy.”

I knew this would come up sooner or later. You would think my family would be used to my taste in men by now though. I have never been attracted to the clean-cut choir boy type, much to their dismay. Instead I am undeniably attracted to the bad boys.

When I was younger my taste was for the goth boys, the tall, dark, and skinny boys who wore lots of black, chains, and nail polish. Extra credit if they also played in a band, and a definite shoe-in if they were the lead singer.

My tastes matured in college to a more mature version of the above; still tall, dark, and skinny, only now they were men, preferably who still played in bands but who ditched the chains and nail polish for a more polished look. Extra credit if they have tattoos and piercings.

Once I was properly single for the first time in my adult life my tastes changed to black men. I think this is partly due to my experiences with white men, which have not been all that favourable (aside: I can hear a black guy I knew once saying that he can’t date black girls because they remind him of his sister). Black men, in my experience, are undeniably masculine, and that is what I want (need?) at this point in my life. I want a man who is a man, who knows he’s a man and who doesn’t deviate from that.

Of course, given my preference for the bad boy type, the inclination towards black men is probably also due to the fact that interracial dating is still considered taboo to many and so what better way to buck the system now that I’ve already brought home the tattooed and pierced goth boys?

I hope this in no way trivializes my attraction to / affection for / love of black men – it’s just an observation on my part.

The ironic thing though is that A is literally the most clean-cut man I’ve dated, ever. Maybe I’ve actually found the best of both worlds?

Image courtesy of strivetwosucceed.wordpress.com


No more Mr. Smiley

Mr. Smiley and I have been spending a lot of time together. We’ve also been going around the idea of getting more serious. We would bring it up, not come to any conclusion, and then get distracted by other things. But yesterday we had time to spend in the car together, and what else can you do but talk?

The conclusion, finally, was that we would focus on this relationship as the main one. That means we no longer consider ourselves “single” – no more dating other people and no more sex with other people.

I feel good about this. Despite the fact that he’s leaving for 4 months in December I don’t think I’m wasting time with him, even if nothing long-term comes of it. I enjoy his company, the sex is amazing, and I’d rather spend as much time with him as possible before he leaves, rather than be distracted by other men.

So having said that, no more “Mr. Smiley” – I will refer to him as A.

This will be quite a change from the past few months but you only live once! And actually it might be nice to slow down a bit.


Head, meet Desk.

I had another conversation with Mr. Bball today.

It went something like this:


He texted me again out of the blue. After a bit of banter I told him flat out that he is the first man I’ve met that I can’t read at all.


Ok so we got the “does he like me / does he not like me” stuff out of the way. I was thinking this was progress and decided to just flat out ask him why he seems to be so reluctant to get together.


I then made a really stupid suggestion that we could play basketball, which is ridiculous because I’m not very good at sports in general and you know, he’s kind of a pro. It has epic fail written all over it.

Regardless, his response was actually flirty!


Then I told him to name the time and place this weekend – and he went silent. AGAIN.


Do I really have to literally throw myself at this man for him to make a move?


“He’s just not that into you.”

Or maybe he’s just clueless?

I randomly texted Mr. Bball a week after he went MIA to see whether he was ok. He responded almost right away, so I was thinking “alright, I guess it’s great that you’re not dead but where the hell have you been for the past week?”

Of course I didn’t say that. Instead there was some banter back and forth and then he asked me whether I had any plans for the weekend:

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 4.24.36 PM

When I told him that I’m free the next day instead of that evening things went quiet and obviously nothing happened the entire weekend.

I don’t get it! I wasn’t immediately available because it was last minute on a Friday night but I made sure to make it known when I WAS available, and he did tell me that he had no plans. The last thing I said to him Friday night was “Hmmm ok I’m out, let me know sometime if you’d like to get together. Have a good night!” to which there was no response until this morning when he randomly said “good morning.”


So what gives with this dude? I’ve made it clear that I’m interested, I’ve done more than my fair share of trying to get us together, I’ve given him ample opportunity to ask me out, and I have gotten nothing but randomness.

I ain’t got time to be chasing after no man – get a clue Mr. Bball!