One day this will get me in trouble, I just know it

So apparently my new thing is texting the wrong person. Usually the texts are meant to go to A, but because I’m usually multi-tasking or just not paying attention I end up sending A’s texts to other people….like Mr. Dreads, my father, my old coworker….

Luckily for me none of these texts have been too personal…..yet…..but I did have a moment this morning when I realized I accidentally told Mr. Dreads that I was ovulating.

Note: A had mentioned that he was having dreams I was pregnant and this was my response to him, as well as my usual “Good Morning”



Thank god Dreads and I are close friends or that could have been awkward.

Below are some of my favourite wrong number texts….funny because they didn’t happen to me!











Enjoy, and Happy Thursday!



I would like to see you shit yourself

I am comfortable discussing most things, but poop is not one of them. I was thus horrified when I found out that sometimes (I refuse to say often) women poop during labour. Somehow A and I got to discussing pregnancy and labour and I admitted that my two fears about labour and delivery has nothing to do with the pain, but everything to do with the possibility that I may puke or poop – the two “P’s” that I refuse to mention again.

His response?



Sorry, but I’m not sorry

Have you ever had to apologize for something that you didn’t think you should have to apologize for?

I had to do this today, and all I wanted to do was send the below image to the crazy woman instead – because I’m not sorry!


Sometimes I wish I could speak my mind like a child but without the adult consequences.


Well so far this sucks

After being literally exhausted yesterday I passed out early and actually slept a straight 8 hours through the night. I felt amazing when I woke up, but A called me before work and seems to be really missing us (I think by “us” he means me and the dogs because he really bonded with Molly – see below!) and that made me sad.

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I’m planning on sending him a care package tomorrow filled with homemade cookies and my own pantygram (new panties, not worn!) and this morning I sent this image to him to cheer him up:


To which he replied:


At least our sense of humour is still intact!