Dining With the Dead

Yesterday evening Mr. Dreads asked me this: if I could have dinner with any 5 people in the world, dead or alive,who would I choose?

My list was as follows (in order of what I told Mr. Dreads):

1. My grandfather (because I never met him and I'd like to know what his life was like, what the war was like, who my great-grandparents are and all that fun stuff)

2. Hitler (I'd like to know what his problem was)

3. My great-aunt Maureen (she died of cancer before I could meet her and apparently myself and my aunt are her exact clones)

4. Gaddafi (I want to know whether that skull room of his was real and WHY exactly?)

5. Anthony Smith (the murdered kid who was in the infamous photo with mayor Rob Ford – I just want to know whether Ford ever smoked or bought crack)

According to Mr. Dreads, my list shows that I am more or less satisfied with my life because I chose people for interest's sake only, and not for any kind of monetary (or other) gain.

He also concluded that since everyone on my list is dead I am a morbid person who likes morbid things. Actually, he insists he already knew this but my list just confirmed it for him.