One month

Since I’ve started having sex…as an adult….I have not gone for longer than a month without having sex.

It was only 2 weeks between partners though – the month-long dry period was due more to a recurrent yeast infection that actually became painful. TMI? Sorry.

I digress. A and I have talked a few times about the fact that he’s going home for a few months. I’m not going to lie….it’s going to suck. I like sex, a lot, and I like sex even more with him. I am promising myself that if we decide to keep this relationship closed that I will be good and I will also keep my legs closed.

I don’t doubt my ability to be faithful and I don’t care if he isn’t. I have already explained to him that I don’t necessarily expect a man to never have sex with another woman because things happen – it gets hurtful and complicated when there is another relationship involved – that’s a whole other ballgame.

Sometimes I think I must be crazy, honestly, to even be considering this relationship. I just really like him. A lot. He makes my legs weak. And his body is perfect – it’s muscular and manly but still soft. Below the belt is just as beautiful. And he always smells amazing. I am in complete lust with this man.