Love is a Mixtape

Title from the novel “Love Is A Mixtape” by Rob Sheffield.

 I used to make mix tapes often – first on cassettes, then on compact discs. I made many for boyfriends over the years and had many made for me. Once the iPod became my main mode of musical media though this stopped. I still made playlists on the iPod, but they were made for personal consumption rather than for any one person in particular.

Although music has been a substantial part of most of my relationships in one way or another, I have never actually thought to chronicle the songs that had meaning to the relationships.

I want to change that because it’s important to me that I remember the emotions and whatnot of specific moments, or periods of time. Only music can really do that – it’s why I still avoid certain songs from my past that I know will evoke negative emotions. It’s also why I will seek out certain songs when I want to be reminded of something.

Aside: I have been purposefully avoiding most music that reminds me of my ex-husband – as the relationship was 12 years long it’s quite a list of music that I won’t listen to!

With that said, below is a playlist of songs that A and I have traded back and forth in the very short time we’ve been together – I will be updating the page “Love Is A Mixtape” as needed.

October 2013

The Weakerthans – The Reasons: 

Drake – Take Care:

Lana Del Rey – Video Games:

Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone:

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing:

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On:

Konshens – I’m Coming:

Mavado – Always On My Mind:

Da’ville – Always On My Mind:

September 2013

Fantasia – Even Angels: