Men, I feel bad for you (and your penises)

I guess you really can’t win when it comes to penis size:

Dr Christopher Morriss-Roberts claims that size does matter and that the bigger a man’s penis is the better, so far as athletes are concerned.

However, he caveats this claim with the explanation that men who are very well-endowed are sometimes the subject of suspicion as to how effectively they can use their generous organ.

From: Sorry boys, size DOES matter in the locker room: Well-endowed athletes are idolised and seen as more masculine

Also, my new favourite term is “cock-supremacy” – awesome.




I’ll stick with my lady bits, thanks…

The average man has about 11 erections each day and several more at night.

Source: SexHealthMatters – Male Erection Frequency

I’ll take bleeding for a few days every month over having something hard sticking out of my pants randomly.

I really thought that daily erections were something only teenage boys experienced, but when I asked 2 men in my life, their answers were “I have a lot” and “I’m at 27 a day.”

I learn something new every day!