Finally, the end of Winter 2014?

Maybe I’m being presumptuous in wanting to bust out my sandals, but I feel like Winter is finally waning. I won’t be sad to see it go, as it really was a bunch of bullshit this year. The ice storm was cool until I lost power and I love that we got so much snow (only because 1. I have 4WD that makes driving in snow actually fun, and 2. I live in an apartment so I don’t have to shovel any driveway), but I hate when the snow melts and all the garbage and dog poop starts to show, and the freezing cold weather made a quick trip outside miserable. I think it was the bitter cold that pissed me off the most about this winter, I would have punched winter if I could have, right in it’s ugly bitch face.

(On a side note though, why do people insist on not cleaning up their dog’s poop? It’s gross. Yes, it’s not exactly pleasant picking it up either, but seriously people, pick up after your dog or don’t have one. Assholes.)

However, despite Winter being a bitch most of the time, I did manage to have a lot of fun with the dogs, as seen below:

1653574_10152244077752744_1128248076_n 1618570_10152244077757744_528860830_n

10007486_10152250970017744_1907495005_n 1977413_10152252793947744_282300710_n 1966699_10152250973952744_82644861_n 1920028_10152250973957744_331266468_n 1779787_10152252762032744_1817094519_n 1477629_10152252762362744_112673393_n 1239359_10152250973942744_474885718_n 1656290_10152250973947744_1436858692_n 1959737_10152250973877744_2111348321_n 1794731_10152250974522744_1519081211_nMy dog is a dick for ruining my snow heart for no reason. I still love her though.