In Pictures: Week of August 5, 2013

A few days late, but see my last post to understand why.

For some reason all the animals at the zoo insisted on showing me their behinds when I went to take a picture. To avoid inundating this blog with animal asses I have kept the pics to a minimum!

Images: all but 1 taken at the Toronto Zoo (and you can probably guess which one. Hint: they don't allow pets at the zoo)



Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Last night while I couldn't sleep I could feel both my dogs rustling around on the bed (yes, I do let them sleep on the bed – I only use half of it anyway!) and I thought to myself “these monsters really are the best companions ever.”

ImageThis image sums up so much more than companions, however – just prior to this these two had been fighting over territory for 2 weeks as the white monster was new to the family. Then all of a sudden they decided to be best friends and moved on. It was a lesson for me to do the same!