Good morning baby girl

I have been thinking about terms of endearment.

A always uses one. His favourite are “babe,” “babes,” “baby,” “babygirl,” and “sweetie.”  I have used “sexy man” and “handsome” because both are true of him and they don’t make me want to throw up from mushiness (I hate that shit).

But I’m getting tired of both so I decided to do a bit of research to see what other people use.

What I learned was that there is no way in hell I would feel comfortable using most of the nicknames other people use, such as:

  • Big-daddy-yum-yum
  • Clam-digger
  • Cuddly-wuddly (I can feel the bile rising)
  • Fruitcake (not for a straight man)
  • Pookie
  • Puddlepooper
  • Rumpy Diddle
  • Winky Dink

Full list courtesy of Tickle Thy Thoughts

I also learned that the French are fucking weird and have an odd obsession with food and farm animals (literal meanings in parantheses below!):

  • Ma caille (my quail)
  • Mon canard (my duck)
  • Mon chou (my cabbage)
  • Mon cochon (my pig)
  • Mon coco (my egg)
  • Ma cocotte (my hen)
  • Ma crotte (my dropping – apparently also refers to goat cheese)
  • Ma loutre (my otter)
  • Ma pouce (my flea)
  • Mon sucre d’orge (my barley sugar)

 Full list courtesy of French Terms of Endearment

Nope, definitely none of those will work either. I’ll just stick with my “sexy man” and “handsome” thankyouverymuch!

To end I wanted to share this comment from one of the articles I came across – it made me laugh out loud, literally: